About Me

Hi there and welcome to Common Club Apparel!

My (Web3/VeVe) name is Smellsfunn, and I began my adventure with VeVe in March 2021 once I learned about the Omi Token. I was immediately drawn to the platform and joined the app for the first Delorean Time Machine drop. As I dived deeper into the VeVe world and connected with the community, I was completely hooked.

As a graphic designer, I began sharing VeVe-inspired designs in the space and was encouraged to add them to t-shirts. The response was overwhelming, and this inspired me to create Common Club Apparel. My designs resonated with the community and slowly but surely, the business grew. It's been amazing to see people wearing my designs at events and outings, and the support has encouraged me to keep growing Common Club Apparel.

Through my work with Common Club Apparel, I've been able to connect with others in the VeVe community and witness its growth and evolution over time. I've collaborated with other creators in the space and been featured by VeVe at events like the Designercon in London, England, and the Designercon in Anaheim, California with their giveaways. I've even been featured by the VeVe team during a Community Update video!

I'm excited about the future of Common Club Apparel and the continued opportunities to connect with the VeVe community through my designs. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my business, and I hope you find something you love on my site!

Please follow me and Common Club Apparel on Twitter and feel free to reach out to connect!